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What is a PAC?

The important role that a political action committee (PAC) can have in an organization is often underestimated. Confusion stems from unfamiliarity of the definition of a PAC and its responsibilities. At TACCAPAC, we want to ensure our members are informed of this critical component of our Government Relations activities.

First and foremost, a PAC is a group of individuals who voluntarily pool their resources to provide financial support for candidates for elective office who share the group's interests and concerns about legislative issues. By law, associations like TACCA are prohibited from providing direct political support in the form of corporate dollars to fund elections. For this reason, state election commissions allow PACs to be used as a means for organizations to leverage their financial support for candidates who they support. The dollars used to fund candidate campaigns come from members, not from the organization itself.


What are the benefits of TACCAPAC?

  1. Provides a way to support our legislative supporters. Our supporters are valuable, and providing financial support through PAC contributions helps keep our supporters in office.
  2. Gives members a way to participate in the political process. Contributing to TACCAPAC is a political decision to get involved with the issues you care about the most. Active, involved members are key to TACCA’s success.
  3. Increases TACCA’s political influence by the power of 1 versus 100. Through TACCAPAC, you will be able to increase contributions to candidates who support your issues.
  4. Raises the profile of TACCA. Legislators take notice when your state association has a PAC. Besides the funding mechanism, a PAC shows that you are committed to participating in the political process.
  5. Helps promote efforts to fight encroachment on your license and industry.

If you feel strongly about protecting your license and your industry, consider a one-time or monthly donation to TACCAPAC.


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