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What is a PAC?

The important role that a political action committee (PAC) can have in an organization is often underestimated. Not everyone is familiar with the definition of a PAC and its responsibilities. At TACCAPAC, we want to make certain our members are informed of this critical component of our Government Relations activities.

First and foremost, a PAC is a group of individuals who voluntarily pool their resources to provide financial support for candidates for elective office who share the group's interests and concerns about legislative issues. By law, associations like TACCA are prohibited from providing direct political support in the form of corporate dollars to fund elections. For this reason, state election commissions allow PACs to be used as a means for organizations to leverage their financial support for candidates who they support. The dollars used to fund candidate campaigns come from members, not from the organization itself.


What are the benefits of TACCAPAC?

  1. Provides a way to support our legislative supporters. Our supporters are valuable, and providing financial support through PAC contributions helps keep our supporters in office.
  2. Gives members a way to participate in the political process. Contributing to TACCAPAC is a political decision to get involved with the issues you care about the most. Active, involved members are key to TACCA’s success.
  3. Increases TACCA’s political influence by the power of 1 versus 100. Through TACCAPAC, you will be able to increase contributions to candidates who support your issues.
  4. Raises the profile of TACCA. Legislators take notice when your state association has a PAC. Besides the funding mechanism, a PAC shows that you are committed to participating in the political process.
  5. Helps promote efforts to fight encroachment on your license and industry.

The TACCA Political Action Committee is the political arm of TACCA. For a legislator, a successful year on the campaign trail frequently translates into success at the Capitol. TACCAPAC makes it possible to support industry-friendly legislators, and is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from members like you.If you feel strongly about protecting your license and your industry, consider a one-time or monthly donation to TACCAPAC. 

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How You Can Help

  1. Get to Know Your Legislators. Do you have a relationship with your legislators? If so, we would like to hear from you.Your knowledge and standing in your community makes you a resource. If you do not have a relationship, you can build one by attending town hall meetings, district meetings and other special events in your district when the legislature is not is session. These can be great opportunities to meet legislators or ask questions about important issues. Few legislators are experts in the HVAC/R industry, however legislators are expected to make decisions that shape our communities. It is not unusual for legislators to turn to subject matter experts when crafting policy.
  2. Respond to Action Alerts. Some bills will be particularly important to TACCA, and we request your help in either supporting or opposing those bills. TACCA will generally ask you to submit a letter or make a phone call to your elected officials.
  3. Make a contribution to TACCAPAC. 

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Why Would Anyone Want to Donate? (a letter from a member)

Well let me see...

I like to put this in terms of a farmer. A farmer once asked another farmer why his crops were so much greener and the production from his field was so much greater than his. His answer was simply, "I always give something back, do you?"

Well the first farmer was a little confused, so he asked what he meant. The reply was, "Well sir, after the harvest is over I always put some of the bounty back into the soil in the form of fertilizer. I have found that keeps my fields healthy and provides the nourishment for my next season's crops."

I have been in the HVAC/R industry for a long time, as many of your know, and although I may not have always done enough, I have followed the example above.

When I look back and see al the things that were made possible because of what this industry has provided to me and my family over the past many years - things like our first home and our next home, I raised two sons, always had a dependable vehicle or two, and nice vacations. This list could go on and on, and your may be very similar. This is what I have taken from this industry and things I need to work to replenish.

It doesn't matter which facet of the industry we work in, it can be contracting, the supply chain, consulting, design, sales, teaching, or manufacturing. It is all part of our industry and there are several ways that we can go about giving back. One is to support the TACCA PAC fund. When we need a law or a change to a law, we need to be recognized as being a strong industry, not only in numbers but also in dollars. We need to have friends in Texas government. We do this by supporting and getting to know our legislators.

It is very easy to contribute. All you need to do is fill out a simple form requesting they charge your personal credit card each month, just like I and many others have done. Before you decide how much to donate, think about how much you spend going out to dinner. What did you spend going to the last sporting event (before COVID)? Can you Imagine how much difference it would make if we could all take just that amount and send it to the PAC fund monthly?

Whatever you can do, even a one-time donation, please do it now. Our industry needs your support. Do what you can to fertilize the soil that supports the growth and success of our industry.

Thank you,

Bob Elolf

Download TACCAPAC Donation Form