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TACCA 2020


The Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association (TACCA) continues to be the leader in HVAC continuing education and license preparatory courses in the state of Texas as well as being an influential legislative voice at the State Capitol. Here are just a few of the things TACCA has worked on this past year:

January – April

TACCA tracked more than 100 bills throughout the 86th Texas Legislation Session that had the potential to impact the HVACR industry or small business. Unfortunately, TACCA’s own bill, HB 4249, which provided that municipalities could not continue to charge registration fees to HVAC contractors, did not pass. The Plumbing Board Sunset bill, SB 621 which would have abolished the Plumbing Board and moved the regulation of plumbers to TDLR, also failed. Bills that passed include HB 1342 related to criminal conviction history and determining whether it directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of a licensed, HB 2452 which allows TDLR to contract with a qualified individual to assist with reviewing and investigating complaints, SB 237 related to what personal information for a license holder should be made available on an agency’s website, SB 1217 related to determining a person's fitness to perform the duties and discharge the responsibilities of a licensed occupation, and SB 1531 relating to the eligibility for certain occupational licenses and the use of a person's criminal history as grounds for certain actions related to the license.

May – August

The Board of Directors accepted the resignation of longtime Executive Director Todd McAlister and began the process of an executive director search. The search was conducted by Roland Arrisola, Randy Bellomy, Nick Watkins, Jimmy Barry, and Shannon Noble and was led by TACCA President Roy Jones. The search committee interviewed a number of qualified candidates over a two month period. A huge thank you to TACCA’s Education Coordinator Emily Valdez-Moore for all her hard work assisting members and keeping everything in the office on track during this transition period.

September – December

TACCA hired its new executive director, Devorah Jakubowsky, CAE. Since her arrival in early September, TACCA has:

  • Surveyed members regarding topics for 2020 CE course and started the development of the curriculum
  • Attended TDLR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Advisory Board meeting
  • Held a reception (sponsored in part by Federated Insurance) in Irving for North Texas members prior to the quarterly TACCA board meeting
  • Begun actively participating in TDLR’s sunset review process through discussions with TDLR and Sunset Review staff
  • Participated in the Texas Workforce Coalition with Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Education Agency, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas State Technical College and other industry organizations to discuss pathways to careers in the trades
  • Started a redesign project to improve the TACCA website
  • Established several committees – Education & Training, TACCAPAC (Political Action), Membership, Chapter Relations and Legislative – and encourages any member who is interested in participating to get involved


TACCA’s mission is to promote quality and professionalism, help our members become more profitable, and enhance the HVAC/R industry's image with the consumer. TACCA is focused on providing information, benefits, education and legislative representation to our members.



TACCA will continue to be the leader in HVAC continuing education and license preparatory courses in the state of Texas as well as being an influential legislative voice at the State Capitol. TACCA's current primary focus is to grow member benefits, support and revitalize our local chapters, work with ACCA to provide more services to our contractor members, and provide scholarships for training and workforce development. To accomplish this, TACCA has set the following priority goals for 2020.

Leadership Training/Development

Strengthen the leadership of TACCA

  1. Develop training session for current leadership
  2. Develop board orientation for future elected board members

Member Benefits/Affinity Program

Develop a portfolio of vendors to provide discounted products and services to members.

  1. Compile list of potential new benefits and programs
  2. Survey members to determine interest/value
  3. Promote partnerships and encourage member participation

Governance Infrastructure

Assure the infrastructure is solid and identify any areas of weakness that need to be addressed.

  1. Review bylaws and all governing documents
  2. Identify areas that may be of concern
  3. Formulate recommended changes, if needed


The best work of the Association comes when volunteers with a passion for their industry work together to make their profession better. See more about committees HERE.


Chapter Growth/Training

Strengthen chapter relations and membership.

  1. Meet with each chapter to identify areas of strength and challenges
  2. Identify areas where TACCA can provide support/guidance to chapter representatives
  3. Develop a training session for each chapter based on each chapter’s needs

Communicate Value of Membership

Be able to communicate the value of membership effectively.

  1. Review all programs, services, events and benefits
  2. Develop narrative and marketing of benefits and value of membership

Membership Development

Membership growth and retention is an area of great importance, not only for the health of the association, it is vital for the profession as a whole and its legislative impact. It is critical to have a strong, united voice that speaks for the HVACR industry in the legislature and regulatory agencies.

  1. Establish baseline numbers for membership
  2. Develop a membership growth and retention marketing plan for the year
  3. Create opportunities for engagement (social media, local events)